Simonds Homes – Amberlea

Posted on November 20, 2011


For those of you looking for a nice, spacious first home, there isn’t much need to look further than Simonds Homes and their Amberlea house package. Boasting four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a double garage, your larger than life family will have a house to suit!

Personally, I’ve never fully understood or appreciated the idea of a formal dinning area, which often takes up a lot of room. The kitchen is the heart of the home and when entertaining guests, they always seem gravitated toward that area. With a meals area just a few steps from the kitchen, I don’t quite understand why a formal dining room is needed. Each to their own I guess.

The St Ives facade with a grand entrance.

The less prominent but stylish Kyoto facade.

The alternate St Ives facade with a combination render/brick frontage. And now let’s delve inside.

A garden window is essential for the poor person left to do the washing up. Not only is it a bonus for the room design-wise, it works functionally as well.

A noticeable feature is the abundance of natural light flooding the living areas.

Double sinks! Very handy for those frantic mornings.

All very nice. This specific display can be found at the Bernly Gardens Estate in Berwick. Their alternate design package for Amberlea is in Epping and features a more rustic, country feel (as it would).

Name, price and dimensions:
Simonds Amberlea 3815
From $270,800
Sqm Total: 370.55
Sq Total: 39.89
Width/Depth: 13.17 x 19.43