The Design Files – Melbourne Home in Yarraville

Posted on December 7, 2011


The Design Files! Easily one of the coolest Melbourne based design blogs on the internet, and on September 14, the beautiful house of Armelle Habib was posted for all to see!

Instead of regurgitating all the interesting tidbits of information of this wonderful house, you can find out its quirks on The Design Files blog.

What I will mention however is that a (pleasantly surprising) number of the items found in this house are sourced locally. Anyone who is a local has driven past Margaret’s Bazaar (it’s been there forever hasn’t it?). We know that the most amazing things can be found in Footscray. The Assembly Hall in Williamstown has been a place I’ve waited patiently in for ages while my sisters finish fussing over that cushion or this rug. And how many times when driving in the inner-west have you seen a power pole proclaiming a garage sale of ‘new and used items’? Or how many wonderful op shops are scattered around us?

Rhetorical questions aside, this house is the perfect example that finding vintage or decor items for the home is not impossible, or even difficult. It just takes some time and patience. Take that sunny Saturday and stroll to the nearest car boot sale. You never know what you may find.

That’s enough fluff from me.

Admittedly, I did cringe when I saw this. Not because of the awesome, checkered floor but of the things resting on the piano. I’m a little anal about not having things resting on my piano at home, so it made me twitch a little.

Those chairs are over 100 years old! (and totally awesome).

And a lovely outdoor courtyard area for a lazy afternoon with a good book.

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