We got flooded. Again.

Posted on January 11, 2012


Being flooded twice in one year in something no office should experience. The intense storm on Christmas Day 2011 sent a torrent of water down Melbourne Road, through the heart of Newport.

Our office is literally two doors down from the corner...

At the time, many of us were enjoying the Christmas day away or with family. Coming back to a wet and soggy office for the second time did dampen our spirits (pun intended).

However, getting on with it is something we do well and even though things are a little crazy, we’re operating smoothly. Our front door is shut just for the time being until everything is neat and tidy again.

Because I'm sure you don't want to be treading all over this.

The other few photos can be found in the facebook album. Thanks to one of our clients who managed to snap a few shots of the very wet Newport on the day.

So! Was your Christmas as wet as ours? I hope you didn’t get flooded as well!

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