Melbourne Real Estate Recap: 23-29 June 2012

Posted on June 29, 2012


Recap number two! Not as many articles, but plenty of reading in each of these!

  • “Australian housing is at its cheapest level since March 2003.” Link
  • Forecast for Melbourne houses to increase three percent over the next three years. Link
  • Graph showing capital growth and rental yield in Melbourne over the last decade. Link
  • “…negative gearing has to go”. Article by Catherine Cashmore on the government’s role in the property market. Link
  • “Residex reports rising home prices in May, which contradicts RP Data’s -1.4% fall: The confusion never ends!” @leithvo
  • REIV says: “No Melbourne house price growth few next few years”. Link
  • RBA reassures that there is no danger of collapse in the Australian property market. Link
  • Investors may cause the property market to slump. Link
    Again, most headlines looking gloomy. But the market has to return to some sort of equilibrium I guess. Till next week!
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