Melbourne Real Estate Recap: 28 July – 3 August 2012

Posted on August 3, 2012


Amazing how much news there was this week! Great reading for us interested in Melbourne Real Estate! 🙂

  • Number of people switching home loans is rising. Link
  • We could see a ‘race to the bottom’ in property values. Link
  • Mid year market update. Neat little article summarising capital growth and rental yield figures. Link
  • ‘Apartment boost new home sales’. Link
  • People want to buy, but just not yet. Prices are yet to come down. (Article by Chris Vedelago and because of that, plenty of interesting comments) Link
  • Predictions for the spring season. Link
  • Beginner’s guide to buying units. Link
  • House prices rise for the first time since 2010. Link
  • 40% of Australian homes are worth double what they were paid for. Link
  • Selling property in winter not such a bad idea. Link

Just incredible. Loving the amount of news bulletins this week. Till next week!